International summer gaming camp – applications are open!

Summer fun that develops creativity and digital skills is about to begin – welcome to the International Summer Gaming Camp for kids in Novska (Croatia)! Gaming incubator PISMO powered by A1 organizes the International Summer Gaming Camp – in ENGLISH.

During the 7-day course, students with an interest in gaming will get a chance to learn how to make their own videogame. This 7-day course will be held in Gaming Incubator PISMO in Novska, while accommodation (during the entire 7-day course) for students will be in Novska High School Student Dormitory.  Meals for students will also be served in the Student Dormitory, and each day will begin with physical exercises. Students will get an opportunity to learn about recording, editing and streaming content, as well as about microbits, robotics and Metaverse, too.

During the stay, a full-day trip to the Lonjsko Polje Nature Park is planned for all students.

This camp will prove that video games are not just fun, but a great opportunity for kids to learn how to use digital technology by working on their programming skills. 

The application link is available at the link

Along with Gaming Incubator PISMO powered by A1, Development Agency SIMORA and Sisak Moslavina County, organizational support is provided by World Metaverse Council.

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