Inkubator Pismo

Digital innovation Hub

PISMO incubator has the status of a Digital innovation hub, the first of its kind in Sisak Moslavina
County, founded with the aim of enabling of easier and more successful transition from traditional to
modern industries. DIH PISMO is focused on providing services to companies and public sector that
want to adopt new digital technologies and tools in a dominantly traditional industrial region. In its
work, Digital Innovation Hub (DIH) relies on a strong partnership based on trust, with focus on
creation of new jobs and strengthening the economy of Sisak Moslavina County and Croatia. The
main activity of DIH PISMO is building of smart skills, thereby improving the existing and creating a
new workforce for smart specialization. In one part, PISMO also focuses on provision of services in
the metal processing sector, and it is expected that the metal processing industry in Croatia and Sisak
Moslavina County will improve its position and competitiveness on the international market.

In order to raise activities of DIH PISMO to an even higher level, the Development Agency SI-MO-RA
Ltd and Public Institution Regional Coordinator of Sisak Moslavina County assembled a consortium of
eight partner institutions with rich experience in business development, as well as in digital
technologies and competences, and together submitted a project called Digital transformation of
Central Croatia and Northern Adriatic through JURK EDIH to the call for proposals of the DIGITAL
EUROPE program. The project was positively evaluated and approved for funding, which enabled DIH
PISMO to officially acquire status of EDIH, i.e., it became a member of the European network of

Digital innovation hubs, which includes more than 130 hubs across the European Union. The EDIH
PISMO consortium consists of the following institutions:

  • Regional coordinator of Sisak-Moslavina County (project manager)
  • Development agency SI-MO-RA d.o.o.
  • Faculty of Organization and Informatics, University of Zagreb
  • Institute of Physics, University of Zagreb
  • PAR Rijeka College of Business
  • HashNET LtdFast Lane Ltd
  • Center for artificial intelligence Lipik

In addition to the aforementioned partners, the following are participating in the project as


  • Sisak-Moslavina County
  • CGDA – Croatian game development alliance
  • Croatian Chamber of Crafts – Sisak Chamber of Crafts
  •  Institute Jožef Stefan Ljubljana
  • Varaždin Technology Park
  • EURADA – European Association of Development Agencies
  • University of Zagreb
  •  University of Slavonski Brod
  • DIGI SI DIH Maribor
  • Digital Innovation Hub Blockchain for Trusted Data Ecosystems Ljubljana
  • Aragon DIH Zaragoza

Within the framework of EDIH, all interested SMEs, as well as public sector entities, can receive
digitization services free of charge in the fields of artificial intelligence, Blockchain, Internet of Things
and gamification, which are divided into 4 basic groups of activities:

1. Test before invest – various demonstrations and tests
2. Skills and training
3. Support in finding investments
4. Networking and access to innovation ecosystems

The sectors of economy that are in focus of EDIH include agriculture, tourism, medical rehabilitation,
wood industry, construction industry, pharmacy and video game development, but other sectors of
the economy will also be covered. Within the framework of EDIH, cooperation with other EDIHs from
the network is foreseen, which will make services available for other sectors and from other
technologies. The geographical scope of ​​EDIH includes Central Croatia and Northern Adriatic.
PISMO will have the status of EDIH for 3 years (October 1, 2022 – September 30, 2025), for what it
will receive a total of 1.832.606 euros from the European Commission – the DIGITAL Europe program
and from the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development, with total value of the project at
2.370.278,97 euros.

More information about EDIHs at the link: