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PISMO is the first digital innovation center located in Sisak-Moslavina County, established to enable an easier and more successful transition from traditional to modern industries, more precisely providing services to companies wishing to adopt digital technologies in a predominantly traditional industrial region. The goal is to create a strong partnership based on trust with a focus on job creation and strengthening the economy of Sisak-Moslavina County and Croatia. The main activity of PISMO as a digital innovation center is the construction of smart skills - improving the existing and creating a new workforce for smart specialization. The PISMO will also focus in part on the provision of services in the metal processing sector, and the metal products industry (excluding machinery and equipment) in Croatia and Sisak-Moslavina County is expected to improve its position and competitiveness in the international market.


PISMO as a digital innovation center develops and expands its skills through the DIHELP enhanced learning program, which provides mentoring and training for 30 digital innovation hubs lasting 9 months. DIHELP aims to develop a coherent, coordinated, and sustainable approach to support European industries in all EU Member States at a regional level using the concept of Digital Innovation Centers (DIH). Selected digital innovation centers will receive training on business development, financing and innovation management through an individual approach and remotely as part of the DIH Academy. The DIHELP program is implemented by a consortium that includes the following partners: CARSA (lead partner), Ecorys, IMProve, and Eurada.


Services are achieved mostly through education, mentoring, and networking.

Trainings are held regularly and with an aim to help individuals and existing companies acquire the skills needed to successfully overcome the challenges of the digital age. Education includes digital skills for game development and business skills needed to address contemporary market challenges.

The mentoring process is carried out by our experts and people from partner organizations providing a valuable source of practical knowledge and experience. Mentors follow the client’s first steps toward digitization or develop their ideas and guide them through the entire process.

Networking is facilitated through meetings and workshops held to connect education participants with existing SMEs in the gaming industry and their representatives. In this context, expert conferences on digitalization, gaming, marketing, and sales opportunities are held.

PThere are some other services that complement our main customer services:

Incubator services that include office rental, coworking area, and equipment specializing in gaming and other digitally-based ideas. Equipment includes music and video studio, VR, motion recording studio, photogrammetry studio, 3D printer, etc.

Access to local, regional, national, and EU funds - PISMO DIH experts offer advisory services to clients by offering them solutions to fund their ideas. PISMO DIH team has many years of experience in attracting finance for entrepreneurs.


PISMO DIH operates within the Development Agency of Sisak-Moslavina County SI-MO-RA d.o.o. Its partner institutions are the Sisak-Moslavina County and the Zagreb Innovation Center - ZICER. Sisak-Moslavina County provides financial support to start-ups, financial and operational support to PISMO, promotion of PISMO, and networking. ZICER helps with mentoring and online services.

PISMO also has the support of various stakeholders at a local, regional, and national level:

  • Ministry of Economy, Entrepreneurship, and Crafts - provided funds for the construction and procurement of equipment
  • City of Novska (local self-government) - provides financial support to start-up companies, operational support PISMO DIH, promotion of PISMO, and networking
  • Public institution "Regional Coordinator of Sisak-Moslavina County" - provides operational assistance
  • Croatian Chamber of Commerce Sisak - link with regional small and medium enterprises, promotion of PISMO
  • Croatian Chamber of Trades and Crafts Sisak - link with regional crafts, promotion of PISMO
  • Faculty of Metallurgy in Sisak - providing education and networking of the metal processing sector
  • Business incubator PISAK - consulting services, incubator promotion, networking
  • Local development agencies MRAV, NORA, and Glina - consulting services, incubator promotion, networking
  • The Cluster of Croatian Computer Game Manufacturers (CGDA) - connecting video game development companies and PISMO, organization of events, education, seminars
  • Private gaming companies InterCorona, Outfit 7, and VR505 - mentoring and networking services, education